About Us

About Us

Horizons has a twofold vision for The Gambia.

  1. To provide quality healthcare for those who desperately need it but who have no financial means (Horizons Charities). Horizons has already started doing charitable work in The Gambia focussing on improving healthcare for pregnant women and children less than two-years old by: providing training to health professionals; and thorough-cleaning childbirth facilities. In time, Horizons Trust Gambia will increase access to high quality care through community outreach centres.
  2. To build and manage a high quality medical facility for those who can afford private treatment (the Horizons Clinic). This is an unmet need in the Gambia and other West African countries. Profits from the Clinic will be used by Horizons Trust Gambia to provide high quality care to the poor. Wealth redistribution through healthcare.

Horizons’ high standard operating theatres will repair vesicovaginal fistulae and help reverse social isolation of the women.

Help us stop women dying

Your generosity will help the most vulnerable in The Gambia and allow Horizons to expand our training programmes.

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