Sep 30

Horizons and Baylor College of Medicine Partnership Announced

The 'Horizons' Hospital project, which is committed to delivering a state of the art sustainable healthcare provision in Gambia, which, when completed will signal what will literally be life changing facilities for thousands of people has announced a new partnership with leading American health sciences university, Houston based Baylor College of Medicine (BCM).

Dr James N'Dow, Professor of Urological Surgery in the University of Aberdeen and the Promoter of the Horizons Initiative is delighted to collaborate with Baylor College of Medicine.

"Horizons' vision is an Africa in which a mother does not die every minute during pregnancy and childbirth due to lack of access to quality healthcare. Horizons Trust aims to provide quality international standard healthcare for those who desperately need it but who have no financial means. Horizons Trust has already started doing desperately needed charitable work in The Gambia focussing on improving healthcare for pregnant women and children less than 2 years old by providing training to health professionals and cleaning out outreach childbirth facilities."

"In time, Horizons Trust will increase access to high quality care through community outreach centres. Critical to the success of the Horizons vision is local healthcare staff capacity building to help strengthen The Gambian health system which can only be achieved through education and training, collaborating with the world’s best. This is why this collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine is so special."

Dr. Sharmila Ananadasabapathy

Dr. Sharmila Anandasabapathy, Vice President of Baylor Global Initiatives and Professor of Medicine-Gastroenterology at BCM, is happy to collaborate with the Horizons Trust.

"Non-communicable diseases play a growing importance in the health and economics of developing nations. By implementing programs such as Women’s Health focused on quality, local healthcare capacity building and sustainability, the goal of the relationship between Baylor and Horizons' is to bring innovations in healthcare delivery to improve human health in The Gambia."

As part of the partnership BCM will be sending a delegation of health experts to the Gambia next month while work on the project will commence before the end of the year with the facility scheduled to open in Autumn 2018.

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