• Support Training to Control Infection
    Support Training to Control Infection
  • Help Build Healthcare Capacity
    Help Build Healthcare Capacity
  • Make Pregnancy a Happy Event
    Make Pregnancy a Happy Event
  • Give Babies a Chance of Life
    Give Babies a Chance of Life
  • Share a Vision of Quality Healthcare
    Share a Vision of Quality Healthcare

Help us stop women dying in pregnancy & childbirth

We can drastically reduce the number of women who painfully bleed to death during childbirth or who die from preventable infections. Horizons is working with local clinics to establish a programme of infection control; mentor outreach healthcare workers; identify women who are at risk and refer to appropriate care.


Give babies a chance of life

A child's risk of dying is highest in the first 28 days of life. Simple, affordable interventions can prevent and treat preterm birth complications, pneumonia, birth asphyxia, diarrhoea and malaria that cause early child deaths. Help us provide the conditions for effective neonatal care, prevent these deaths and give babies a chance.

Infant Health

Support education & training of healthcare workers

Horizons is working in collaboration with local providers to increase the capacity and standard of healthcare for mothers and babies in the Gambia. Help us provide a continuous and steadfast programme of training and support for service managers, trainers, outreach clinic staff and other healthcare professionals in the Gambia.

What We Do

Creating sustainable healthcare in The Gambia

Horizons is a third sector (charity) and private sector (business) collaboration. A social enterprise to improve healthcare in the Gambia through the development of a high quality healthcare infrastructure affordable for all Gambians.

Over the next few years Horizons will focus on: establishing the Horizons Clinic; and charitable activities providing training programmes for healthcare professionals; and reducing maternal and infant mortality through improving outreach services.

The driving force behind Horizons is Professor James N’Dow, leading a team of international business and healthcare professionals. Born in the Gambia, James trained in Aberdeen UK where he is now Professor of Urological Surgery and Director of the Academic Urology Unit. James has travelled to the Gambia every year for the past 12 years, with other UK-trained specialist consultant surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses, to carry out charitable work at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

Horizons is almost ready to start building the Horizons Clinic. We are grateful to The Gambia Government for donating the land. Every donation helps.

Help us stop women dying

Your generosity will help the most vulnerable in The Gambia and allow Horizons to expand our training programmes.

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